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Need something written or your writing “polished”? From online content creation to business writing to marketing materials, I have over 30 years of paid professional writing and editing experience both as an entrepreneur and at the university academic level.

Transitions Coaching


There is change we invite and change that is cast upon us. Either way, we can find ourselves at a crossroads in our personal journeys. We all have stories filled with beginnings and endings and uncertainty. Sometimes we need a guide along the path. What is your story?

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I chose the theme of uprootedness because it encompasses so much of my life experience — from my European ancestors’ voyages to my unique story today. You’ll find musings from my life as an academic, rancher, dog and cat lover, and cook.

PJ Gillgannon: an uprooted life (that’s my story)

Hire a professional word wrangler for your story!

Quite simply, everyone has a story. And if you started a business, there was a spark, inspiration and passion that motivated you. Your customers relate to the human and relational qualities of your business. That’s what makes them connect to you and your company.

Convey your underlying passion in your marketing and online content. Brand storytelling is an important and compelling component of your business narrative. Make sure it’s part of your organizational strategy.

Need help? Let me tell your story.


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