What is Transitions Coaching?

There is a term often used in psychology called Liminal Space. Liminal Space is “threshold” space, the space of passages and transitions. It can be as profound as birth or dying but the essence is the same: a shift in being from one phase to the next. Many cultures consider Liminal Space to be a sacred place where we are better attuned to our own intuition and creativity as we transform ourselves.

We can choose change or change can be thrust upon us. Either way, it can be fraught with a variety of emotions, including a mixture of fear, anxiety, excitement, happiness, confusion and grief. Change can come in the form of a new job or loss of job, a marriage or divorce, an illness, a move or another life-altering situation.

Transitions Coaching offers a space to explore this process of change with the support and guidance of a transitions coach. It is not psychotherapy but does share some similarities providing a safe and confidential environment on your path to self-awareness in embracing change.

My Role as a Transitions Coach

As a Transitions Coach, I draw upon my previous years as a licensed psychotherapist helping others navigate through their liminal times. In addition, I call upon the diverse range of my life experience in walking the path of change, which includes such things as changing career paths, managing illness and moving cross-country.

I view our work together as a partnership. It is my role to shine a light on the path and serve as a guide on your journey of change.

Next Steps

Have you found yourself at a crossroads? Do you see within the stress and uncertainty of a transition the opportunity for growth? Are you interested in knowing more information?

Please contact me at crossroads@pjgillgannon.com. Transitional Coaching is tailored to the needs of your individual situation. All sessions are conducted by phone.